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Back Pain Rehab


You don't have to live with back pain.  Learn how to take care of your back muscles and spine.  Learn proper core exercise and posture to regain and protect your spine from ongoing degeneration and pain.

Orthopedic Rehab 

After-surgery care for your new hip or knee, ACL, rotator cuff, herniated disk.  AccessCenter will create a program specifically tailored to return you to optimal strength and achieve pain free movement.  

Sports Rehab 

Whether  training for your first marathon or tenth, after work baseball, or long-term computer use, joint and soft tissue injuries can occur suddenly from accident, trauma or simple daily wear and tear.  AccessCenter will effectively treat your injury and educate you on healing and better self-care for future training and daily movement.  Every program is designed specifically for you based on your unique injury and body mechanics.   

Vestibular Rehab 

Sudden onset dizziness or nausea?  The health of your balance system can need special care.  Physical therapy for vertigo is safe, effective and non-invasive.  We use maneuvers researched and designed to safely settle your inner ear.  Combined with simple exercise designed to retrain your visual and physical balance, you will be centered and on your way in two or three visits!   

Gait/Balance Training 


For physical therapy patients with functional deficits, gait training optimizes physical exercise and brings serious advantages in the treatment process.  Difficulty walking and fear of falling should never keep you on the couch!  Let AccessCenter teach you the proper techniques for moving around both indoors and out to keep you safe, strong and independent.  

Core Conditioning 


Learn how to activate and utilize the most important muscle group in your body!  Good core strength will improve your life and movement.  Many aches and pains, including back pain, can be significantly reduced and better managed through proper core strength training.

Fitness Evaluation 

AccessCenter offers free injury screens and fitness evaluations to help you determine your start point for progressive exercise.  Our therapists can identify weak muscle groups and recommend appropriate exercise programs to improve movement and performance.  

Weight Loss Programs 

Get fit and stay healthy!  Are your joints too painful to exercise?  Our weight loss programs are fitness based and supervised by qualified therapists.  As you regain strength and confidence, you will learn daily structure that will help you maintain a new quality of life.

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